Gillion Marine Survey, LLC


Charleston Marine Survey offers a vast array of types of services.

Pre-Purchase Survey
This type of survey is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel. This survey provides a comprehensive report of the overall condition and operating capabilities of the vessel.  This survey includes:
•  A sea trial
•  Out of the water inspection,
•  Inspection of the electrical, propulsion and steering systems
•  Inspection of structural integrity, fuel systems, all on board electronics and cosmetic appearances

Appraisal Inspection
This is a survey performed to ascertain the fair market value of the vessel prior to being placed on the market.  This is usually required for financing, estate settlements, legal issues and donations.

Insurance survey
This type of survey is performed so that an insurance company can determine if the vessel is an acceptable risk and includes determination of structural integrity as well as fair market value.

To learn more about the cost, delivery and timeframe of completed surveys, visit the FAQs page.