Gillion Marine Survey, LLC


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  What types of surveys do you perform?

A: Click here (link to new page) to see the types of surveys I perform.

Q: Who pays for the survey?

A: The buyer or the insurance company pays for the survey. My ethical commitments do not allow me to work for brokers or sellers, as this causes a conflict of interest.

Q: Why do I need a survey?

A:  The main reason to have a vessel surveyed is to determine the condition and value on the fair market.  Other surveys may be required prior to receiving bank financing or insurance. Finally, the safety of your crew and guests should be a top priority, and a properly conducted survey can assist in alleviating these concerns.

Q: When can I expect my survey report?

A: GMS guarantees a two day turnaround time with most reports available within 24 hours in PDF format. Hard copies are also available and can be mailed or hand delivered depending on location.

Q: What is the cost of a survey?

A: Depending on the vessel and the extent of the survey work to be completed, GMS offers very competitive rates and seasonal discounts.

Q: How long will it take to complete the actual survey?

A: Usually an entire survey is completed in one day including the out of water survey and the sea trial.  The survey will begin at the dock where most if not all of the systems and accommodations will be inspected. The vessel will then be moved to a haul out yard so the hull and below the waterline systems can be inspected.  After the out of water inspection is completed a sea trial will be performed.*

*It should be noted that any or all of these aspects can be performed according to the buyers’ wishes.